Warranty and Services

The Company undertakes to provide Consumers with the warranty for all Goods for 2 years from the time of delivery.

In the case of the warranty event ( a lack of conformity of the Goods to their description and these Terms of Sale ) , the Consumer shall be entitled:

1. to have the Goods repaired, or

2. to have the Goods replaced, or

3. to have an appropriate reduction made in the price or the Goods, or

4. to cancel the Sales contract and reimburse the full price of the Goods.

If the Customer decides to use the above described rights, any costs of the delivery of the Goods shall be paid by the Customer.

The warranty event is not constituted if one of such present:

1.mechanical or other damage caused to the Goods by careless or improper use of the Customer or third persons;

2. an independent repair was made or the components of the product or its design were changed by the Customer;

3. natural wear and tear of parts or components of the Goods;

4. damage caused to Goods by exposure to liquids, chemicals, high humidity, aggressive environments;

5. damage caused to Goods by natural disasters or natural phenomena.

If the Consumer is to use his / her right regarding the warranty, he / she shall inform the Company of it by an electronic means via emai l or dedicated contact form at the Website .

The Company shall answer the Consumer with its statement regarding warranty obligations not later than 30 days after the Consumer informing the latter is received. If there is a warranty case the Company is obliged to perform repair, replacement, reduction of price or reimbursement of full price taking into account the requirements of the Consumer within 60 days since receipt of the Consumer’s informing letter or receipt of the faulty Goods, not including the delivery time.

If there is any additional information is needed from the Customer, the Company will contact the Customer.

Additionally, the Company might need to obtain the faulty Goods from the Customer to examine and replace, repair them or reimburse the full price for them. In such cases, all delivery costs shall be paid by the Customer.

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